Tina Huerta

Co-Writer/Associate Producer

Author, scriptwriter, poet, publisher and award-winning filmmaker, Tina Huerta, began winning awards for her creativity and organization skills in high school. A long time ago! Tina has three books of poetry and one children’s book published to date. Tina also has a small publishing house and their last book, From Saigon to Katum: Two Exchanges of War, is a double-memoir from two courageous men originally from two different cultures and their experiences before, during, and after the Viet Nam American War.

Her filmmaking awards availed her the positions of Festival Ambassador in 2013 and 2014, as well as a member of the Selection Committee in 2015 for her Tucson, Arizona hometown Arizona International Film Festival (AzIFF). Tina’s background also includes radio, television, commercials, and music videos. She also runs the gambit between comedy, drama, and fantasy. Tina is one of the writers for Ugly Little Monkeys, a documentary feature, currently in post-production.